Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil


I had purchased this much talked about eyeliner as part of a mini Urban Decay haul. I will review each item one by one in future posts I promise. Here are the items from the mini haul:


Price-  NZ$30

I purchased it from Aelia dutyfree Auckland Airport. As every makeup loving girl in New Zealand would agree, makeup of ANY kind whether ‘drug store’ or high end will generally cost two to three times the price tag as the US or Canada. These are sold for $36 at Mecca Maxima NZ (one of my personal favourite sites to shop at, plus collecting Beauty Loop points towards your next beauty box of goodies is always a pretty good incentive!)


What I liked…

It claims on its packaging ( pretty dazzling box with a self explanatory pencil liner in ) that it is

the best in industry! These cushiony, creamy pencils glide on soft, yet deliver extra-long wear and waterproof colour in a dizzying array of shades.”

Well I admit it is creamy in texture, pigmented and very black. It does glide on very smoothly. There are mixed reviews on the lasting power of this eyeliner. I would give it 9/10 for longevity as it stayed put for me after 8-10 hours of wear. Bear in mind with waterline I don’t expect it to last as I have extremely “watery” waterline ( no pun intended!!) and it often smudges so I always carry some cotton buds or Q-tips with me and clean up the lower lashline throughout the day. That goes with any eyeliner pencil and irrespective of the product.


See how black and stay-put it is after an 8-10 hour day? I’m impressed. It still held its original shape, the “flick” and the intensity of the black did not diminish at all. Definitely one of the best ones I’ve tried on that front.


What I didn’t like…

Here’s the thing – The tip end of the pencil ( where you sharpen) has that of a ‘waxy’ finish, if you know what I mean. As soon as I saw it I wondered about how to sharpen it as it is such a creamy texture the tip goes down quickly after a couple of uses and it calls for constant sharpening. First thing I looked for was any ‘hidden sharpener’ in the end of the pencil or the lid, as brands like Chanel and Nars have that inbuilt which sharpens certain twist up pencils to a very fine tip. There isn’t one. I know it is not a twist up pencil but it would have been a nice feature. So how to sharpen? Quick google search revealed that the brand recommends its own Grindhouse Double Barrel Sharpener  RRP NZ$18, (click on the link if you feel like splashing out on a makeup pencil sharpener). To put it into perspective, a Nars one costs NZ$9, and I personally consider it to be a higher end brand than UD. This really infuriates me how not only had you purchased a relatively expensive eyeliner that is one of the most talked about in the makeup industry but to also being led to believe one has to fork out more for a VERY expensive sharpener is not what I had planned when I purchased the product. I have a MAC sharpener and so in it goes the pencil.
It sharpened it fine and exactly like all my other eyeliners with no problems at all. I cannot comment on what the difference the UD one would make but I guess I will never know. Here’s what I REALLY didn’t like about this product. I had it stored in its colourful packaging upright with the pencil end down in my brush holder/ container with all my other ones, and next time I uncapped it, a big chunk of the product fell out from the centre! Here’s a pic to proof my new struggle with this product on a regular basis…


Even if I store it with the cap on top often the centre will ‘glide’ out and i manually push it back in to continue using. It really puts “gliiiiiiiide on” to a new dimension ( just joking of course!)


Will I repurchase it?

No. I love the product and its longevity but the sharpening and what followed really didn’t impress me. There are many competitors for the black waterproof eyeliner market and for the price I paid I will definitely be looking elsewhere.



Purchased with own money hence opinions are of my own. I am honest with no holds barred on my reviews otherwise what is the point? I do this as a way of expressing and sharing my love of makeup with other beauty lovers around the globe so be genuine, be kind and be happy to one another! : )