IMG_5840Welcome to Beki’s World of Beauty & Makeup! FINALLY it is here!!… I’ve created this blog to share with others my passion (or obsession) with makeup, beauty and fashion.

My introduction to makeup officially started when I was a teenager. Over the years through many trials and errors, the passion grew and grew and eventually I feel it is time to express myself through writing about the many beauty products I have tried, liked, loved and loathed! With a demanding daytime job in the medical industry, learning and researching about makeup products and the techniques through which to apply with have become my outlet for tuning out and the process of putting on makeup, be it for work or a special occasion, has evolved into a rather elaborate creative process that I thoroughly enjoy every single time.

Without further ado I am going to end my first ever writing piece of the blog and start working on my first ever blogpost review.

Welcome again…!!